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Reminder: Thursday Dance - CANCELLED

When: Thursday, 13 August 2020

Where:Carrollton Senior Center

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Organizer: David Power dave.power@...


Thursday Dance and Dance Class - CANCELLED

Studies have now indicated that COVID-19 may impact many different organs within the human body. A recent study (Published in JAMA) showed that in 100 recovered patients, 78% had some type of cardiovascular abnormalities... So with blood clots anywhere in the body, lung damage to many, heart abnormalities, etc. it is not a good thing. I am sure many of us are missing contacts with our grand or great grand children. And it appears to be true that children appear to recover very well from COVID-19, but they can still spread it. So, BE CAREFUL and STAY WELL. Seniors appear to be much more likely to suffer major impacts (up to and including death) from COVID-19. Vaccine testing is underway and a good vaccine may be the only way we can restart our lives.

Stay safe, and stay well,