NO Thursday Dances or Classes in April

Dave Power

I hope all of you are doing well as the Center remains closed.

There will not be any dances or dance classes during the month of April as the order to remain at home except for essential services will remain in effect until at least the end of the month. The Carrollton Senior Center remains closed.

The following message was received from the Center Supervisor:

Subject: City of Carrollton Senior Center update.

I hope everyone is doing well and in high spirits.  Hopefully as we move forward from this, it will lead to an amazing summer!  The reason I am reaching out and emailing today is because everyone on this email are people who, not only lead or assist in programs, but have also played an important role in my knowledge, and experience in my growing career path.  I wanted to send this email out to notify this group that on Friday, April 10th, 2020 will be my official last day as an employee for the City of Carrollton.  I want to thank all of you for the privilege and opportunity that I was given to serve as the Carrollton Senior Center Supervisor.  I am sure I will still see or speak with most of you as I am not going too far away as I will be the new Branch Connection Manager for the City of Farmers Branch.  During this time I am not certain who the interim point of contact will be but if you have any follow up questions regarding the City of Carrollton Senior Center moving forward please email our Recreation Superintendent at Katy.Bower@.... Thank you for the role each one of you had in my journey and I wish everyone a safe and happy future in you and your families journeys.  Take Care!
Very Respectfully,
Jackie Byles
Recreation Supervisor
Carrollton Senior Center & Crosby Recreation Center
P: 972-466-3076

I know we will all miss Jackie, even if you have never met him. He has been great to work with and will be missed by all.

Stay in, and stay well. This will pass and we will be able to get back to our dancing!

Dave Power

Dave Power