Update on Carrollton Senior

Dave Power

Sorry, there is still no dancing or classes, the center is still closed.

However, they are working on planning to reopen as soon as it is safe. Joe has been contacted by Jim Rogers, the president of the Carrollton Senior Center Advisory Council (CSCAC).  In order to allow better communications with members they are putting together an email list of members. WE DO NOT GIVE OUR DANCE LIST TO ANYONE, so at their request we are emailing their request to all of the people on our list and asking you to send him your email if you are willing to be on the centers list. It is your choice, but we encourage it. His email follows:

This request is for a response from Carrollton Senior Center Members only.

The Carrollton Senior Center and I are trying to upgrade our email addresses for future schedules and 
announcements. In order for the Center to store and utilize a members address they must have
specific approval from the member. My request is for you to help getting that approval by forwarding
to your group this email with my address for their approval. They can then respond directly to me if
they prefer. If anyone has any questions please call me on 214 450 8420

Jim Rogers
CSCAC President

Therefore, if you are willing to have your email included on their list, please send an email with an "OK to include my email" as the "Subject" to Jim Rogers at email address: jimrogers555@... 

Dave Power

Dave Power

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